the girl behind the biz

about gabby

Hi! I’m Gabby, the girl who wears many hats here (literally and figuratively). I am a lover of many things: Dr. Pepper, my bunny, vintage baseball hats, a shoulder pad tank top, Real Housewives, and iced lattes.

When you shop with Deserted Thrifts, you’re really just shopping with me! When you purchase from the shop, I automatically befriend you. I am so grateful to know so many of you amazing people. If you’re new here, hi bestie! Welcome, I hope my page brings you good vintage and lots of laughs.

est 2021

a post covid project

In February 2021, I started Deserted Thrifts as a way to encourage friends and family to shop secondhand after the disposable only era we dealt with through Covid. For the first several months of being in business, I sold hand-bleached tees. It was quite the era; soon enough I stumbled on a couple of thrift accounts on Instagram and started selling way more than just bleached-dyed clothing.


A piece from my first ever drop→

whats happening these days?

now we're here

Deserted Thrifts is coming up on 3 years in business. We've grown in many more ways than one since starting out. We've been a part of several incredible local markets including: Junk in The Trunk, Melrose Vintage, Slacker, and Merchantile Market.

In 2022, we became part of the Merchantile of PHX (located on Missouri Ave and 7th). You can visit our curated collections any day of the week. We restock weekly, meaning you can always expect a fun new find when you stop in and support local!

In 2023, we introduced the Originals Collections. These are small upcycled collections of thrifted pieces customized with embroidery.

Switching over to first person here, I hope you don't mind, hehe. I am truly so grateful for all of the love given to the shop and to me. No matter how long you've been here, just know we are already besties. Thank you for being here!